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If you are designing or renovating your garage, selecting the right paint color is very important as this gives your garage an aesthetically pleasing look and adds value to your home. A garage can also be used for other purposes rather than just car parking and storage. So, you should be cautious while selecting colors.

Different color combinations should be used for the door, floor, and walls of the garage. In this article, we’ll guide you about the best colors available and the factors you must consider before selecting a specific color. Before knowing the best color combination for garage painting you must be familiar with the type of paint that is best for different parts 

  • For the walls of the garage, latex paint is commonly used because it dries faster and has less odor. Paint thinner is not required for thinning these paints as in oil-based paints
  • For the garage ceiling, the same latex paint is preferred.
  • Paints that are designed to be used especially over cement should be used as floors are covered with an epoxy-type coating.

Paint Color Recommendations 

So you have gone through which type of paint is suitable for the garage. In this part, Interior Fitout Dubai has got you covered. Discover the perfect shade to enhance your space today!

1. Light Colors 

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Light colors include white, Beige, and light gray. These colors reflect the light and give a bright look to the room. These colors provide a natural backdrop that allows your car and other equipment to stand out. If your garage is small, light colors can help make the space feel larger. But one drawback of using these colors is that stains on these walls become prominent and it is not easy to remove them. Here are some tips for using light colors:

  • Choose the shade that compliments the overall color scheme of your home
  • Semi-gloss or high gloss paints are easier to clean and resistant to wear and tear
  • Painting the floor of the garage with a light color helps to reflect more light which makes the space bright. 
  • Add more lighting to the room if the room is dark.
  • Clean the walls from time to time as the dirt and stains look prominent on these walls.

2. Dark Colors 

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Dark colors such as forest green, charcoal gray, and Navy blue are excellent options if you use your garage primarily as a workshop or storage area. These colors hide dirt, stain marks, and camouflage imperfections. Walls painted with dark colors create a cozy and intimate atmosphere and can even be used as a backdrop for artwork in your garage if you want to. One thing you should keep in mind is that if your garage is small or has no windows, dark paints should be avoided as these can make your garage look even smaller and less inviting. Here are some tips for using dark paint colors:

  • Use high-quality paint that is more durable 
  • Ensure adequate lighting in the space 
  • Use a matte or eggshell finish so that imperfections in the wall are not highlighted
  • By Keeping the space well organized the garage will look less overwhelming.

3. Neutral Colors

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Neutral colors including Beige, tan, light brown, and tan should be used particularly if you are using the garage for storage purposes. Due to their versatility, these colors can match any home decor and if the paint is scraped off on a part of the wall it is easy to touch up with neutral colors. Moreover, these paints give a brighter look to the space, are durable, increase the resale value of your house, and can be used to paint garages with different styles from modern to traditional. Tips for using neutral paints are the same as that of dark color paints. 

4. Bright Colors 

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Bright colors include bright yellow, bright orange, electric blue, Lime green, and hot pink. These colors are preferred if you want to use your garage as a workshop as these colors give a unique vibrant appearance to the space and increase its warmth and excitement. These paints increase the visibility in the room and help to locate the equipment and other tools more easily. If you want to sell your house in the future, a well-organized garage painted with unique bright colors can be an important factor to increase the resale value of your house. Here are some Tips for using bright paint colors: 

  • Painting only one wall with bright color paints while the rest of the space with other colors can avoid your garage from becoming too overwhelming.
  • You can counteract the overpowering impact by using bright paints with neutral accents.
  • Always use high-quality paint.
  • Keep the garage well-managed and organized

Choosing the Paint Color for Your Garage Door 

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Choosing the best color for the door of your garage is as important as choosing the color of the walls for your garage. The color of the garage door should not be different than that of the exterior of the house. It is also recommended to use a color that compliments the bricks of the house. For wood doors a neutral color while for metal doors a painted finish is a better option. Moreover, you can also take an idea by visiting your neighborhood and seeing what color schemes your neighbors have used. 

Choosing the Paint Color for Your Garage Cabinets

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Cabinets in the garage are used primarily for the storage of books, equipment, and other items.  It is also important to paint the cabinets with paint that complements the walls and vehicles to give an aesthetically pleasing look to your garage. 

Factors You Must Consider Before Selecting the Paint

factors to consider

  • Lighting in the room whether it is adequate or not 
  • Interior and exterior of the house 
  • Ventilation of the garage
  • Purpose of the garage whether it will be used as a workshop or as a storage place.
  • Condition of walls of  the garage 


In this article, we’ve discussed various types and colors of paints and factors you must keep in mind before selecting a suitable paint to make your garage more aesthetically beautiful and to give it a  welcoming look. We hope that you will find this article useful for your upcoming garage interior improvement.

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