10 Duplex Exterior Ideas You’ll Love

Duplex exterior ideas

When people look at duplexes the thing that they give the most visual importance to is the exterior of it all. Making the changes to the Duplex exterior can add to its visual appeal. So, how should you go about enhancing your duplex’s appeal and its overall property value? If you have this question, we have the answer to it right here as we bring 10 duplex exterior ideas you’ll love.

Duplex Exterior Ideas That Are Cost-Effective

There are unlimited numbers of duplex exterior designs that you can choose from. Whether you wish to add to the curb appeal of the duplex or simply increase its resale value, the 10 duplex exterior ideas we have will help you. The best part is that all of them can be done in a short time.

1. Modern Yet Simple Exteriors


Modern Yet Simple duplex Exteriors

A minimalistic exterior design focuses on clean lines and a functional design. For your duplex’s exterior, you can opt for monochrome colors and adorn them with stylish materials like metal, glass, or even a simple landscape. To achieve that modern look for your duplex, go with unobstructed windows or better yet install a flat roof over it. This style is widely practiced by duplex owners as it is not only sophisticated but requires less maintenance.

2. Classical Chic

classis chic Duplex exterior
Classical chic is the craftsman-style home which is characterized by its attention to detail and its handcrafted elements. The common features of such a duplex are its exposed wooden beams with trapped columns and a wide front porch. All this gives your duplex a little bit of character. Common materials needed for this duplex exterior idea are wood and stone. You can also add brackets under the Eavestrough or get custom railings.

3. Victorian Elegance

Victorian elegance duplex exterior
For those of you who are drawn to the side of traditional exterior ideas, you can choose the Victorian theme. This exterior design features decorative trims with vibrant color paints and patterned shingles. The other common elements of a Victorian design include having wraparound porches and bay windows for the house. For a bit of a contemporary touch, add some neutral color to highlight the details.

4. Coastal Exteriors

coastal areas duplex interior
If you are a beach lover like us, this coastal exterior idea for a duplex is just for you. Make your home feel as if it is a permanent vacation house. Give your duplex that light color paint on its natural material designs like wood & stone. Soft color pastels like white and blue will give your duplex that airy, relaxed feel of a coastal home. For better detailing, add in shutters and install expansive balconies. To complete the coastal vibe, plant some palm trees and create a landscape with beach grass.

5. Contemporary Mid-Century

mid century duplex exterior
Modern mid-century designs are all about mixing the exterior with the interior while providing functionality and simplicity. For this, you can add flat planes, expansive glass windows and lots of open space outdoors. To highlight this design, use a blend of materials like wood, brick, and metal. As for the landscaping, keep it simple and should require less maintenance.

6. Farmhouse Feel

farm house duplex exterior
The Farmhouse exterior design is especially popular among duplex owners because of all the modern comfort in a rustic theme. To adorn your duplex in this particular theme, you can add in metal roofs, a large front porch, and board & batten sidings. Create a contrasting color scheme with a mix of light pastel hues with dark-painted edges. The Farmhouse theme has a focus on landscaping with gorgeous flower boxes, lush green lawns, and picket fences.

7. Industrial Theme

Industrial Theme Duplex Exterior
If you are looking for more of an urban look for your exterior design, an industrial theme is what you need. This includes the use of materials such as concrete, exposed bricks, and steel. Key elements for the exterior are open spaces and large building windows. The best color scheme for this architectural style is monochromatic with bold accents. Keep the landscaping to a minimum with a focus on low-maintenance plants.

8. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style Duplex Exterior
Scandinavian exteriors are focused on functionality with simplicity but their prime focus is on keeping it natural. For a duplex, this requires adding natural materials, clear architectural definitions, and neutral color paint. The primary material for any Scandinavian design is wood painted often in light colors. Other key features include open spaces, simple landscaping, and expansive windows. For a peaceful serene air in your duplex, this style works like a charm.

9. Mix Traditional & Modern Elements

Traditioal Duplex Exterior
So far, if you are not just getting settled on any one duplex exterior idea, the eclectic mix is for you. With this exterior design, you can mix & match different exterior ideas to create a custom look. For your duplex, you can try adding both traditional & modern elements with different types of materials and adding bold colors.

10. Make it Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Eco freindly duplex exterior
Sustainability is becoming a norm across the globe and homeowners everywhere are looking to make their exteriors eco-friendly. The same is the case for duplexes and for that, you can make use of sustainable materials like green roofs & walls, installing energy-efficient windows, and installing solar panels. For your landscaping, go with native plants that require less maintenance and watering. This will not only be helpful to environmental stability but also keep your energy costs low and its resale value high.

Practical Tips When Applying Duplex Exterior Ideas

As the top-rated Interior fit-out company, follow our time-tested tips to when you apply one of our 10 duplex exterior design ideas.

  • Consult with a designer or an architect to bring the most out of your exterior theme.
  • Exterior renovation is an expensive thing so be sure to look for cost-effective solutions.
  • Some materials need more maintenance than others, so choose ones that suit your lifestyle.
  • Landscaping is a significant part of exterior renovation. Always get professional help to execute it.
  • Trends change, but your duplex exterior should be timeless. Choose materials and styles that work long-term.

Final Say

No matter which style you choose for your duplex exterior, it should reflect your personality and meet your needs. These 10 duplex exterior ideas and tips will surely help when you renovate your property. Go on, create that gorgeous duplex exterior for a welcoming home.

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